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The importance of the checklist when moving

A moving checklist and it’s uses

When moving, planning a strategy works best. It is imperative that you are well organised and to plan each week before the move. There are many tasks that need accomplishing when moving. The first thing you should do is to confirm the date of the move and then you can start properly preparing. The checklist you are using should offer a detailed planning of the tasks needed to be accomplished. Some tasks require less effort and time then others but packing is not one of them. Packing will take a lot of effort and time so be sure to prepare for it in advance. As a priority, make sure that you have all the necessary supplies needed for packing, because then you will not have to run around at the last minute in search for it. Be sure to place on your checklist the sorting of the items you do not need anymore and a way to get rid of them.
A useful moving checklist should have on it reminders such as key exchanges, which should be treated as a priority in the first week, because that way it can help you to schedule other moving related tasks. Being aware of the approaching date will also keep you on your toes and prepare you for the upcoming changes.

moving in london

Having prepared the supplies needed for packing, another important task to execute is deciding if you want or not to use storage units. If you want to make use of these, you have to pack the items you want in there in advance and choose one type of storage unit, the size and time you want it for, and go ahead and rent it. Then you will be able to easily move all that stuff into the storage unit and get on with the rest of the move. Keeping the packing short will depend on the size and number of the items you would like to relocate so keep that in mind when preparing for your move.

Another point on your checklist that should be done as quickly as possible is to give notice to your bank about the change in address and notify your electric, gas and telephone company. Accomplishing these tasks in the first few weeks is essential for a quick and easy relocation. The next two or so weeks you should take care of packing important document, carefully so they won’t get lost, reserving a parking space for the removal van and just take care of any last minute tasks which can hinder your move.

Always paying close attention to the checklist in the weeks before the move and ensuring every task is accomplished properly will save a lot of time and you will not waste your energy. It also helps having a checklist so you always know at what stage you are and how much time you have left. It offers you a close bond with the reality of the deadline approaching and will keep you motivated. Just by knowing, that your checklist is complete will provide you extra security regarding the move and will keep you relaxed and happy, ready to embark in the adventure called moving.
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As chaotic as moving can be, a moving checklist is a great way to remind yourself to do things otherwise you might forget, such as booking a moving van, or taking time to sort through your things and throwing away unwanted stuff. Follow a checklist so the chaos of moving will not transfer to your day-to-day life.