How to choose the right removal company?


Moving to another house can be very stressful, exhausting and long thing to do. But almost everyone once in a time has to do that. Some people when they are moving from their parents, others after creating a family or there are some people who decides to move to completely new country. Especially house removals London can be very tough.

And what to do, when you are planning to move but realise that you have so much precious things that you are not able to move them alone. The best solution would be to hire removal company which will do all the hardest work for you.

Ok, you already understood that you need to use external help. But the biggest question is to decide, which one is the best one? There are some steps which you should do before hiring one or another company.

When you have the removal’s companies leader list you need to be confident with each of them. If you will have any doubts with the company during the removal, this process can be very stressful and even harmful. So if you want to be sure with your decision, ask the removal company to show their all valid certificates, that they are up to date. Do not be afraid to ask contacts of their previous moves and call to these persons. Maybe they will have different opinion about this company then it is published publicly. Or maybe contrary, they will tell you how satisfied they have been.

Ask company to come to your house and to evaluate all your possessions, to tell the exact price for your removal. Use this opportunity to see what people will be moving your things. Maybe they are good movers but they completely bad communication skills. How mover communicates is very important because unpleasant behaviour can make the process very stressful. Furthermore, when both sides know more about each other, everything will go smoother on the actual removal day.

There are a lot of companies, which prices are very low. Ask yourself a question, why it is like that? Maybe they are hiring incompetent staff? Or maybe their vehicles are old? Or they are just so desperate for removals that are doing that for any amount of money they can get? Choose that removal company, which price meets quality in your opinion. You need to feel confident with both element (price and quality).

Sometimes removals companies say, that they can move you whenever you like. This sounds little bit suspicious. Why they are not busy? Could it be that no one else is moving with that company? Try to get this information from the company.

Finally, try to choose local house removal company. Fuel prices at the moment are really high so using local companies’ services will be much cheaper for you then choosing anyone from further distance. For example, if you are living in north London, the best solution for you would be to hire North London removals company.

If you are confident enough with the company after checking all these things, it means that finally you find the one that will meet all your needs best.

Good luck with your moving.

House Removal Checklist

To help you with your home removal, please feel free to use the following house removal checklist. Keep an eye on this while arranging your moving. You just need to print down this list and to put „check“ when the work is done.

House Removal Checklist

  • Arrange contact number
  • Get rid of anything you don’t want
  • Start running down freezer components
  • Arrange carpet fitters for a different time than removal company
  • Take meter readings book mains services for disconnections
  • Cancel all rental agreements
  • Notify doctor, dentist, optician, vet
  • Tell your bank and savings/share accounts
  • Inform telephone company
  • Ask the Post Office to re-route mail
  • Inform TV license, car registration, passport offices
  • Notify HP and credit firms
  • Make local map to new house for friends and moving company
  • Clear the loft
  • Organise parking at new home
  • Plan where things go in new home
  • Cancel milk and newspaper
  • Arrange minders for children and pets
  • Contact friends and relatives and inform of new address
  • Put garage and garden tools together
  • Take down curtains and blinds

If you are facing some problems never hesitate to contact professionals and ask them what to do in certain situation. Be sure to double check the house removal checklist and even triple check it. that way you won’t have any surprises later in the moving process.

Moving house

london Home Movers

When you first think about moving house to new place everything seems so exciting. New surroundings, new neighbours, new feelings and so on. But when things are becoming more serious you often start to feel stressful, anxious, do not know where to start, whom to call, which stuff to put to which box. Finally, you need to find out who is going to move all your belongings.

First, you need to exchange your contract with the real estate agency and only then you can start notifying all the institutions that are need to be informed and, of course, all your relatives and friends. When you are moving house you need to call to these institutions and tell them about your removal.

  • HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). When you will call them they will update records about you income tax, national insurance, child benefit, child trust fund, student loan, tax credits. You need to contact HMRC even if you are already in the pension. When you will notify HMRC, they will give all the information to the Government Gateway and to the Pensions service.
  • If you are a full-time student and have taken the loan, you need to log onto your student account and to change you address to the new one that the student finance organisation would not think that you are avoiding your liabilities.
  • If you are getting one of the allowances: Employment and Support, Jobseeker’s, Income Support, Disability Living, Attendance, Care’s, Winter Fuel Payment, State Pension or Pension Credit, you need to contact Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).
  • You also need to contact your local council and their Council’s Tax office that they could bill you correctly when you move. Especially you need to inform them if you are receiving Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit or Blue Badge parking permit.
  • You need not to forget to register your new address for voting. You can do this on the “About my vote” website.
  • If you are owning property, you need to make sure that Land Registry knows your newest contact details. This can be helpful to reduce any property frauds.
  • When you are moving house to new area you probably will need new family doctor, dentist or even new veterinarian for your pets. So do not forget to look for new professionals in your new area.
  • Utility providers, such as gas, electricity or water also need to know that you are changing you location.
  • There are a lot of other institutions that you need to inform before moving such as financial providers, television, internet or telephone providers etc. Also you need to be sure that your post will be redirected to the right address.
  • Finally, do not forget to inform you employer or at least human resources department.

There is a long list of institutions that you need to contact before moving. The best way not to forget no-one is to make the check list and to put “+” every time you contact any of these institutions. It will help you to be sure that everyone is informed and at the same time you will feel less stressful.

But do not forget one of the most important things – who is going to move all your stuff? Before choosing one or another removal company you should pay some time for search.  First, you should contact you relatives or friends who have recently moved. Maybe they can recommend the company that they have hired. If you do not anyone who could give you the recommendation, than make a list of removal companies according to internet search (for example, or in the business directories. Then, when you have the list, try to find as much as possible information about all of them. You can try browsing review pages, forums and so on.

Moving house is not simple process but everyone few times per life have to experience that. If you are not confident that you can do everything on yourself – contact professional removal companies. InBox Removals would be happy to help you with you moving.


Moving to London

Ever thought of moving to London?

When thinking of moving to London, you have to realise that London is the economical, cultural and business centre of the United Kingdom. It is one of the most important cities in the world. And there are a lot of people who are dreaming to move to London. But everything is not so easy. There are some advices what you should do before moving to London.

If you are thinking to work in London, first, you need to be the citizen of the United Kingdom or you need to have European Union passport. If you are not fitting any of these requirements then you need to apply for working visa.

Which part of London to choose for living?

East? North? West? South?

In east, despite the fact that in last 30 years this area experienced a lot of changes but it is full of its historic charm. It is also became good place for artist. And it is cheaper than west London.

North is very beautiful with its parks and nature. There are full of young families with kids. This area is also very popular among celebrities. In the north you can find London Zoo.

West is one of the most expensive parts of London. Probably everyone heard about regions like Knightsbridge, Kensington or Notting Hill in the north of London.

In south you can find a lot of museums, pubs, diners and even botanic garden.

Before moving to London you should think carefully what means of transportation you are going to use. Your own car or public transport. London’s public transport system is quite easy to navigate. There are the planning tool for your travels. The railway network is very wide. With it you can get to the centre of London from any airport (Gatwick, Luton and Heathrow). But they have one huge minus – it is really expensive.

For some if you it might sound funny but when you will come to London, especially if you are not English try not to call country England. It might be offending some people. You should use name United Kingdom.

Do not forget that London is really expensive city. Before moving here you need to consider if you income will be enough for your living.

If before moving you have never been in London, do not try to act like superhero and to move all your stuff on your own. It would be best that you would contact local removal company. They could advice you and of course help to move all your belongings.

Every part of United Kingdom has different dialects. Do not be surprised that at the beginning no-one will understand your English and you will not understand anyone either.

So, if you are really decided to move to London, for the beginning make the list of things you need to do and later just put “+”. It would be much easier to move and you will be sure that everything is going smoothly.

Man and Van London

You need to hire man and van company if one day you decide that you are finally ready to move to another place and . But there are so many of them. So how to choose the right one? There are some advises how to find the man and van London company that suits your needs best.

  • Making list.This is the first step you need to take in you moving process.  You need this list because when you will have it, it would be much easier to contact them because then you will be sure that you are not trying to reach the same company for the second time or you have not missed anything.
  • Getting quotes. Next step is to write queries or just call to the companies from your list. Ask them what are their prices, what exact service you are going to get and when they are available to move you. Usually removal companies sales manager will try to propose to you some additional services. Do not try to stop him/her from it. Maybe they will suggest you some services that you even thought about, for example packing, which can be very exhausting.

Also, majority of sales managers will be able to say you just the standard prices. Tell them as much possible details about your removal plans that they could give you the more exact proposal according to your needs.

  • Giving yourself time. Do not expect that getting quotes is very fast process. Contrary, it might take about two weeks to get all the information you need. When you will get all the quotes you were expecting, do not hurry up to pick up one or another company just right away. Give yourself time to think, to consider all pros and cons. Of course, before giving yourself time you should be sure that on that day when you are ready to move the man and van company will be able to provide you their services, that they are not fully booked.
  • Providing details. When you decide which company to choose you need to tell them all the details of your removal. Such information like on which floor do you live, is there any elevator or not, if they will need to use stairs, so how many stair treads there are and so on is inevitable for removal company to know. So do not forget to provide them all this information if you want to move your stuff as smooth as possible.
  • Insuring. Some removal companies are providing insurance for your belongings during moving. But if the company which you have chosen is not providing one make sure to insure you thing by yourself. You can never know what can happen.
  • Negotiating. Majority of removal companies are flexible to their clients. Try to negotiate with them for better price. But do not forget that moving during peak times, such as on weekends or after school are more expensive and company might not be interested to negotiate with you.
  • Double checking. Do not forget to check the company that you have chosen. First, ask you relatives and friends if they have heard anything about that company. Then try browsing the internet. If they are cheating or their services are not qualified you will definitely find a lot of information about that. Also you can check The British Association of Removers or The National Guild of Removers and Storers websites for more information.

After you have implemented all these actions you are ready to move. If you have asked for packaging services then you can relax for a while, if not – start packing all your wealth.

Furniture Removals in North London

Removals Companies in London

Tips for Choosing Removals Companies in London

If you currently live in London and you want to move or relocate, whether locally or long distance, then you have to look for removal services London. There are many companies that offer removals in London, depending on the kind of services you want and also the distance of the relocation. Take time and carry out research and enquiries to make sure you have a chosen an efficient company that offers good rates.

Furniture Removals in North London

Almost all removal companies in London offer van hire, office removals, furniture removals, storage solutions and packing services. To get better prices avoid moving on Fridays as many people like moving on this day, and you might undergo extra costs. Nevertheless, before choosing a removal firm, you must go through their references and feedbacks to confirm whether you can trust them to provide a professional and timely service.


Ensure the London removal company shows up to check the things they are expected to move so that they can give you an accurate quote. This helps to avoid the disastrous situation of starting the move without first accounting for each of the items. When the removal company shows up on your location, ensure to confirm what exactly your move will comprise of to avoid confusion. You essentially want a smooth moving experience.


You should then make a decision regarding who will do the packing before the Van and Man show up to move your items. A suggestion to help you save money is asking for assistance from your family members to assist you pack your items. It is crucial to give sufficient time for both packing and also labelling of the items to be efficiently done. If you also need some storage solutions, be sure to enquire if such services are offered by your removal firm. To be able to track your items, ensure you use legible labels.


For both insurance purposes and to ensure you have a peaceful time doing either business removals or house removals, create a comprehensive list of all the items you are moving, making sure to also include their present condition. Even though this may appear petty, but this is quite important to protect your valuable items. You can also check whether the removals London Company have got an insurance that covers accidental damage. Additionally, keep your important documents somewhere safe during the relocation as it can be very inconvenient to start replacing them.

Relocating or moving can be less stressful if you use the right Removal Company. Besides careful planning and a good removals company, getting help from your family and friends is also invaluable during this process.



Moving House in London with your Pets

Moving House in London with your Pets;

There are 3 stages that you need to think through carefully before you move. These 3 stages will not only help you lessen the stress to undertake to move out but also relieve stress on your pets.

1st Stage: Get Everything Prepared before your Actual Moving out

The first thing that you need to prepare before the actual moving out is to ensure that your pets are pre-conditioned. Pull them out from their comfort zone and start putting them in a new place. Expose them to a new environment such as places with lots of people to pre-condition them that they may be experiencing a different scenario.

Putting your pets in a closed door room and tagging this room as not to be opened will keep other people from being harmed. Make sure that this is not opened until such time that you are ready to move out.

Second Stage: Make the last pre-conditioning on your moving house.

The best way to pre-condition your pets to have a good and sound trip is to not feed them at least 3 hours before the long drive. This will avoid the pets from getting stomach stress while on the road.

Make sure that your pets have the best pet carriers, comfortable cages. An hour before the actual moving out, place them inside the carrier to make them relaxed and get familiar with the new house.
Moving Pets in London

These are a few extra tips from
Some dogs may become distressed or anxious during the upheaval of packing, so confine them to a quiet room with some of their familiar belongings, where they can rest and be safe and where you do not have to worry about them.

Leave packing his toys, bedding and other equipment to the last moment so that he is comforted by the presence of his familiar things. Do not wash his bedding until a couple of weeks after the move, so that he will have something familiar smelling in the new house.

Make arrangements for your dog to stay with a friend or relative that he feels comfortable with during the move, as he may be upset by strange people coming into his house to do the removal. He will also be safer; if he stays with you in the house there is a chance he may be able to escape as doors are likely to be left open. You will also be able to concentrate on the stressful business of moving house without the added worry of looking after your dog.
If you do not have any friends or family that can look after him then consider booking him into a boarding kennel for the night.

Have a tag made with your name, new phone number (and mobile phone number if possible) and your new address so that it is ready to put onto his collar for the day of the move. If he escapes during the move or immediately after, this will increase his chances of getting back to you.

If you are planning to move a long distance away and your dog suffers from travel sickness or severe anxiety in the car, talk to your vet about ways to make the journey less stressful for him.

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Removals in North london

How to pack fragile items and stemware

If you enjoy having in your living room an extensive stemware collection then you probably already know how delicate these are. It is always an important part packing your fragile things and if they are oddly shaped it is even more so of a challenge. Many beautiful things are usually fragile and those oddly shaped ones can give anyone headaches about how to pack them, so pay attention to these item especially when you’re preparing for a move.
packing cups First you should procure lots of packaging material for these fragile items as packing them will need an extra amount of packing and protective materials.
If you have a special box for the stemware that has velvet inside it Is always a good ideea to use that as it will help keep your items more secure than a normal packing box. But even if you don’t have special packing boxes you can still make sure that your items are tightly secured in a thick cardboard box. Try to get a double walled packing box because these are usually able to withstand more weight and also have an extra layer of protection for your valuables.
Protective packing supplies that you should have when packing your fragile items are bubble wraps, crushed paper or shredded paper or even packing peanuts. When you’re packing items that have handles, such as teacups or mugs, make sure you place some bubble wrap or packing paper around the handle and then on the rest of the items, and finally pack it all together.
Stemware packing might be tricky but you must makes sure to do it while being calm and never pack fragile items when you’re in a hurry because the chances to break them are higher.
For packing glasses, first pack the steam of the glass with packing paper and slowly go to the top while winding more protective paper until you reach the top of the glass and stick the rest of the paper in the goblet.
packing fragileDon’t pack too many fragile items in the same box because you will need space for padding the box with protective material on the walls, between the items, on the bottom and top of the box. This way, in case that some of the protective wrap breaks during the move, there is another layer of protection coming from the padding. This can be any of the protective packaging mentioned before but make sure you put enough so there are no empty spaces in the packing box when closed.
Keeping this in mind you can start now in packing your stemware and any other fragile items that need packing, be them normal or oddly shaped.