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Packing advice for your first move


When at your first move, packing is always a feared task because how long it takes and the amount of effort it needs invested in for it to be done successfully. There are some things that need to be taken into consideration when packing. Different objects require different packing methods to be used and a rather basic classification to be made. Such as fragile items will need more protective wrapping than the normal item so they won’t get damaged during the move. Best packing supplies you can use in this case are bubble wraps, shredded paper and even newspaper. Do not be afraid to combine two of these so it will make a safer environment for the delicate item. Be sure to carefully wrap the fragile object in protective wrap before placing it in the removal box. If not, you risk having your items damaged during the moving process and losing its value. Items such as glass or porcelain should be tightly wrapped in bubble wrap and then surrounded by newspaper or shredded paper to minimise any outside interference and to cushion any shock it may receive during the move. Don’t forget that packing can be a horrendously time consuming task if not handled properly or rushed, so be sure to allocate enough time out of your schedule to doing it. It is always a good idea to pack in advance so you’ll give yourself enough time to go through your items, choose the unwanted ones and get rid of them. When packing, take care to pack separately any items you might need immediately after the move, such as cleaning utensils and solutions, kitchenware, clothing or often used electronically appliances. First MoveUnpacking can take a long time just as packing so having the essentials packed away separately will help you after the move and will leave you enough time to slowly unpack the other boxes without being pressured by your needs. Packing wine bottles can be done by carefully wrapping them in newspaper or bubble wrap, and then placed into cardboard boxes that have specially made dividers, and that offers individual spaces for each bottle. Like this, you can even carry the bottles by hand so you will be sure nothing happens to them. When using cardboard boxes make sure to keep them into dry environment and do not let them be directly exposed to sunlight for a longer period of time as it may damage the boxes and even the content. To ensure that your boxes are kept away from any moisture that can damage them and make them useless, wrap the cardboard box’s bottom with plastic sheet, in that way, the boxes will remain safe and dry until it’s time to move. Do not try to place heavy objects into cardboard boxes because there is a high probability they will break. Instead of these, use plastic boxes that can withstand the extra weight. When packing and unpacking it is essential to have boxes labelled correctly. This way you will know for sure which room to place the boxes in and what you will find in them. If possible, try to use coloured labels and assign a different colour for each room so you will know at one glance, what goes where. This can be especially useful if you have a high number of boxes to move and it really help when unpacking not to have things mixed up. Packing AdviceMake sure any clothing you put into removal boxes are folded neatly or just use plastic bags for them. Be sure to wrap the removal boxes into a plastic sheet if they are cardboard or place the clothes in the box after wrapping them in plastic. Electric appliances are to be wrapped or placed into waterproof containers after carefully being emptied of any residue. Take care to arrange any storage units you might need especially if your move is a long one. Items that are to be placed into storage units are the first to be packed so you can get them out of your way and make the packing process easier. These units normally have a controlled environment so you can skip using extra pacing materials that normally are needed for humidity control. Just follow what you have read here and the packing will go a whole lot easier and will be done in no time at all even if you are only now experiencing your first move. This packing advice can save you money and time so be sure not to miss any of it.