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How to pack fragile items and stemware

If you enjoy having in your living room an extensive stemware collection then you probably already know how delicate these are. It is always an important part packing your fragile things and if they are oddly shaped it is even more so of a challenge. Many beautiful things are usually fragile and those oddly shaped ones can give anyone headaches about how to pack them, so pay attention to these item especially when you’re preparing for a move.
packing cups First you should procure lots of packaging material for these fragile items as packing them will need an extra amount of packing and protective materials.
If you have a special box for the stemware that has velvet inside it Is always a good ideea to use that as it will help keep your items more secure than a normal packing box. But even if you don’t have special packing boxes you can still make sure that your items are tightly secured in a thick cardboard box. Try to get a double walled packing box because these are usually able to withstand more weight and also have an extra layer of protection for your valuables.
Protective packing supplies that you should have when packing your fragile items are bubble wraps, crushed paper or shredded paper or even packing peanuts. When you’re packing items that have handles, such as teacups or mugs, make sure you place some bubble wrap or packing paper around the handle and then on the rest of the items, and finally pack it all together.
Stemware packing might be tricky but you must makes sure to do it while being calm and never pack fragile items when you’re in a hurry because the chances to break them are higher.
For packing glasses, first pack the steam of the glass with packing paper and slowly go to the top while winding more protective paper until you reach the top of the glass and stick the rest of the paper in the goblet.
packing fragileDon’t pack too many fragile items in the same box because you will need space for padding the box with protective material on the walls, between the items, on the bottom and top of the box. This way, in case that some of the protective wrap breaks during the move, there is another layer of protection coming from the padding. This can be any of the protective packaging mentioned before but make sure you put enough so there are no empty spaces in the packing box when closed.
Keeping this in mind you can start now in packing your stemware and any other fragile items that need packing, be them normal or oddly shaped.