Talking about moving with your children

Moving with your children can be fun

When you are moving house and there are children under your care it is normal that they will have many questions that you need to clarify for their own good. Kids will often be very curious about the whole moving process and you have to be prepared to answer and explain any doubt or inquiries they may have. Nevertheless please keep in mind that even children can feel stress building up from all the changes that involve moving so be sure to appease those worries before they are too much for your children to bear.
The best way you can go about handing your children when you’re about to move, is to sit them down and properly explain to them about the moving process and what changes will take place over the next few weeks. Moving with your children isn’t always an easy task but it can be made fun if you know what to do. Always show an enthusiastic and supportive attitude towards the move and as a result the children will feel that way too. moving with childrenDon’t ignore your children’s’ questions, but rather encourage them to ask questions. Just because they’re young, doesn’t mean you should lie to your children about motives and reasons, always explain to them clearly why the move is happening and try to provide reasons to why it is so. Always explain the benefits of moving and keep a positive attitude at all time when facing your children.
Make the children feel happy about the move by letting them participate in the preparations. You can give them small tasks that even the small ones can accomplish and together with them you will be able to pack easier and faster. No matter what small tasks they did to help with the move, praise them or scold them as necessary.
Always take into consideration how your children feel about moving to a new location and communicate with them on a regular basis. Keep in mind that even children can feel stress and anxiety so try to appease them by talking about their worries. Keeping an open line of communication is always a positive thing, especially while undergoing such a major and important change in your lives.
When packing the kids room try to involve the children in it and explain what will happen to their toys and their belongings. Many children may fear they won’t get them back so make sure you tell them what exactly will happen to their items.
By giving answers to their questions and involving the kids into the whole packing process while explaining it on the way, will help solidify the idea of moving in their mind and will prepare them psychologically for the changes that will come.
Moving in LondonKeep your kids informed of any changes that occur in the moving schedule and remember to encourage them to ask questions.
A very important thing that you must take care of when preparing or your move and packing, is to always be aware of your children’s safety. Leaving them unsupervised with packing supplies or sharp objects may lead to accidents so always put dangerous things away from their reach. Such items that can be a menace to the well-being of your children are the simple wrapping sheets, adhesive tape, scissors and even the peanuts used for protecting your belongings when packing. Having the kids help with packing is a good thing for them and for you but always have an adult supervise them.