Moving to London

Ever thought of moving to London?

When thinking of moving to London, you have to realise that London is the economical, cultural and business centre of the United Kingdom. It is one of the most important cities in the world. And there are a lot of people who are dreaming to move to London. But everything is not so easy. There are some advices what you should do before moving to London.

If you are thinking to work in London, first, you need to be the citizen of the United Kingdom or you need to have European Union passport. If you are not fitting any of these requirements then you need to apply for working visa.

Which part of London to choose for living?

East? North? West? South?

In east, despite the fact that in last 30 years this area experienced a lot of changes but it is full of its historic charm. It is also became good place for artist. And it is cheaper than west London.

North is very beautiful with its parks and nature. There are full of young families with kids. This area is also very popular among celebrities. In the north you can find London Zoo.

West is one of the most expensive parts of London. Probably everyone heard about regions like Knightsbridge, Kensington or Notting Hill in the north of London.

In south you can find a lot of museums, pubs, diners and even botanic garden.

Before moving to London you should think carefully what means of transportation you are going to use. Your own car or public transport. London’s public transport system is quite easy to navigate. There are the planning tool for your travels. The railway network is very wide. With it you can get to the centre of London from any airport (Gatwick, Luton and Heathrow). But they have one huge minus – it is really expensive.

For some if you it might sound funny but when you will come to London, especially if you are not English try not to call country England. It might be offending some people. You should use name United Kingdom.

Do not forget that London is really expensive city. Before moving here you need to consider if you income will be enough for your living.

If before moving you have never been in London, do not try to act like superhero and to move all your stuff on your own. It would be best that you would contact local removal company. They could advice you and of course help to move all your belongings.

Every part of United Kingdom has different dialects. Do not be surprised that at the beginning no-one will understand your English and you will not understand anyone either.

So, if you are really decided to move to London, for the beginning make the list of things you need to do and later just put “+”. It would be much easier to move and you will be sure that everything is going smoothly.