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If you currently live in London and you want to move or relocate, whether locally or long distance, then you have to look for removal services London. There are many companies that offer removals in London, depending on the kind of services you want and also the distance of the relocation. Take time and carry out research and enquiries to make sure you have a chosen an efficient company that offers good rates.

Furniture Removals in North London

Almost all removal companies in London offer van hire, office removals, furniture removals, storage solutions and packing services. To get better prices avoid moving on Fridays as many people like moving on this day, and you might undergo extra costs. Nevertheless, before choosing a removal firm, you must go through their references and feedbacks to confirm whether you can trust them to provide a professional and timely service.


Ensure the London removal company shows up to check the things they are expected to move so that they can give you an accurate quote. This helps to avoid the disastrous situation of starting the move without first accounting for each of the items. When the removal company shows up on your location, ensure to confirm what exactly your move will comprise of to avoid confusion. You essentially want a smooth moving experience.


You should then make a decision regarding who will do the packing before the Van and Man show up to move your items. A suggestion to help you save money is asking for assistance from your family members to assist you pack your items. It is crucial to give sufficient time for both packing and also labelling of the items to be efficiently done. If you also need some storage solutions, be sure to enquire if such services are offered by your removal firm. To be able to track your items, ensure you use legible labels.


For both insurance purposes and to ensure you have a peaceful time doing either business removals or house removals, create a comprehensive list of all the items you are moving, making sure to also include their present condition. Even though this may appear petty, but this is quite important to protect your valuable items. You can also check whether the removals London Company have got an insurance that covers accidental damage. Additionally, keep your important documents somewhere safe during the relocation as it can be very inconvenient to start replacing them.

Relocating or moving can be less stressful if you use the right Removal Company. Besides careful planning and a good removals company, getting help from your family and friends is also invaluable during this process.



Moving House in London with your Pets

Moving House in London with your Pets;

There are 3 stages that you need to think through carefully before you move. These 3 stages will not only help you lessen the stress to undertake to move out but also relieve stress on your pets.

1st Stage: Get Everything Prepared before your Actual Moving out

The first thing that you need to prepare before the actual moving out is to ensure that your pets are pre-conditioned. Pull them out from their comfort zone and start putting them in a new place. Expose them to a new environment such as places with lots of people to pre-condition them that they may be experiencing a different scenario.

Putting your pets in a closed door room and tagging this room as not to be opened will keep other people from being harmed. Make sure that this is not opened until such time that you are ready to move out.

Second Stage: Make the last pre-conditioning on your moving house.

The best way to pre-condition your pets to have a good and sound trip is to not feed them at least 3 hours before the long drive. This will avoid the pets from getting stomach stress while on the road.

Make sure that your pets have the best pet carriers, comfortable cages. An hour before the actual moving out, place them inside the carrier to make them relaxed and get familiar with the new house.
Moving Pets in London

These are a few extra tips from
Some dogs may become distressed or anxious during the upheaval of packing, so confine them to a quiet room with some of their familiar belongings, where they can rest and be safe and where you do not have to worry about them.

Leave packing his toys, bedding and other equipment to the last moment so that he is comforted by the presence of his familiar things. Do not wash his bedding until a couple of weeks after the move, so that he will have something familiar smelling in the new house.

Make arrangements for your dog to stay with a friend or relative that he feels comfortable with during the move, as he may be upset by strange people coming into his house to do the removal. He will also be safer; if he stays with you in the house there is a chance he may be able to escape as doors are likely to be left open. You will also be able to concentrate on the stressful business of moving house without the added worry of looking after your dog.
If you do not have any friends or family that can look after him then consider booking him into a boarding kennel for the night.

Have a tag made with your name, new phone number (and mobile phone number if possible) and your new address so that it is ready to put onto his collar for the day of the move. If he escapes during the move or immediately after, this will increase his chances of getting back to you.

If you are planning to move a long distance away and your dog suffers from travel sickness or severe anxiety in the car, talk to your vet about ways to make the journey less stressful for him.

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How to pack fragile items and stemware

If you enjoy having in your living room an extensive stemware collection then you probably already know how delicate these are. It is always an important part packing your fragile things and if they are oddly shaped it is even more so of a challenge. Many beautiful things are usually fragile and those oddly shaped ones can give anyone headaches about how to pack them, so pay attention to these item especially when you’re preparing for a move.
packing cups First you should procure lots of packaging material for these fragile items as packing them will need an extra amount of packing and protective materials.
If you have a special box for the stemware that has velvet inside it Is always a good ideea to use that as it will help keep your items more secure than a normal packing box. But even if you don’t have special packing boxes you can still make sure that your items are tightly secured in a thick cardboard box. Try to get a double walled packing box because these are usually able to withstand more weight and also have an extra layer of protection for your valuables.
Protective packing supplies that you should have when packing your fragile items are bubble wraps, crushed paper or shredded paper or even packing peanuts. When you’re packing items that have handles, such as teacups or mugs, make sure you place some bubble wrap or packing paper around the handle and then on the rest of the items, and finally pack it all together.
Stemware packing might be tricky but you must makes sure to do it while being calm and never pack fragile items when you’re in a hurry because the chances to break them are higher.
For packing glasses, first pack the steam of the glass with packing paper and slowly go to the top while winding more protective paper until you reach the top of the glass and stick the rest of the paper in the goblet.
packing fragileDon’t pack too many fragile items in the same box because you will need space for padding the box with protective material on the walls, between the items, on the bottom and top of the box. This way, in case that some of the protective wrap breaks during the move, there is another layer of protection coming from the padding. This can be any of the protective packaging mentioned before but make sure you put enough so there are no empty spaces in the packing box when closed.
Keeping this in mind you can start now in packing your stemware and any other fragile items that need packing, be them normal or oddly shaped.

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After the moving day advice

Now that the moving day has passed and all the nervousness and stress has been lifted it’s time to put things in order and start preparing for everyday life in your new house. All the changes might make your family members be nervous and especially if you’re moving with kids, it is important to reassure them again and sit down and talk to them about the good things of your move.  Try following these after the moving day advice and get a glimpse at what awaits you after the moving day. Seeing yourself in a new house might pose some questions as to what to do next:

What are you to do after the moving day has past? What should you do first?

The first thing you should do after moving is to clean the areas that you are to use in the first few days, such as the bathroom and the kitchen. When packing for the move before, you must have set aside things that you need right after you move, such as cleaning supplies and other necessary items that are used daily.

After cleaning the kitchen make sure you place the minimum of items needed there such as a pot for boiling water or maybe some canned food, spices, a hand towel and the cleaning supplies.

Next place you should clean is the bathroom. There you should make sure you have the necessities such as toilet paper and towels along with soap, shampoo and even make-up and a hairdryer.

If you or your family has to go out the next day to school or work, make sure you have their clothes unpacked and prepared beforehand.

Also get out some essential bed sheets, pillows and blankets so you’ll be able to sleep comfortably in the new house from the start.

After all immediate necessities have been provided for, you should take a bit of time to calm down and get used to the new place.

Many people go in the new house and clean it out prior to moving in so if you did that half of your work is done.

Unpacking can be tiring and time consuming but if you’re doing it with more people it can be done faster then you’ve ever imagined.  Therefore if you’re with the family, ask them to unpack their own stuff and then unpack together the items for the rest of the house.

The first rooms that should be unpacked depend on what you plans are for the next day but if you’re free you can start with unpacking some of the kids’ bedroom and the kitchen. Big appliances might not be installed for a couple of days so make sure you have something to eat that can be prepared fast and doesn’t need to be refrigerated.

Don’t get distressed about the amount of unpacking that needs to be done but instead just take it slowly, one day at a time and together with the help of you family, you’ll be done in a couple of days.

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Weather Importance when Moving

Weather importance when moving is often overlooked although it plays a necessary role for a good and fast moving process.

removals to londonWhen moving, among the many things you have to take into consideration, the weather will be one of the most important. The weather on the day of the move should be clear and if possible not to cold or too hot. Now nobody can control the weather and it can’t even be predicted with 100% accuracy but it is recommended you try and work out a beneficial day regarding the weather.

Having rain, wind or snow on the moving day can inconvenience the movers and therefore will only delay the moving process, not to mention is it harder for the movers truck to drive through bad weather and it will take more time to arrive at the destination. When planning for the move be sure to take into consideration the forecast for that period and if you are ever unsure about what you should do if the weather is bad, don’t hesitate to contact your moving company and discuss it with them. In the worst case scenario and for urgent moves, the actual loading of the truck with your items can be delayed and items can be damaged if not packaged correctly.

weather importance when movingThe weather has to also be taken into consideration when packing. If the atmosphere is humid, you have to pack with an extra layer of plastic sheet all boxes that might come into contact with water. Not doing so you risk damaging your belongings when moving.

Sometimes, even if you stay and watch the TV or listen to the radio for the forecast, on the day itself, the weather might be different than what was expected; nevertheless it is important not to panic in such a situation. If the weather get really bad you can always call and reschedule the moving day, but be sure you do it a few hours before the scheduled time so the moving company has enough time to modify its plans.

Overall, keeping track of the weather will be of help when deciding on a moving date, and even if you can’t control the weather, you can still work around bad weather conditions.

Talking about moving with your children

Moving with your children can be fun

When you are moving house and there are children under your care it is normal that they will have many questions that you need to clarify for their own good. Kids will often be very curious about the whole moving process and you have to be prepared to answer and explain any doubt or inquiries they may have. Nevertheless please keep in mind that even children can feel stress building up from all the changes that involve moving so be sure to appease those worries before they are too much for your children to bear.
The best way you can go about handing your children when you’re about to move, is to sit them down and properly explain to them about the moving process and what changes will take place over the next few weeks. Moving with your children isn’t always an easy task but it can be made fun if you know what to do. Always show an enthusiastic and supportive attitude towards the move and as a result the children will feel that way too. moving with childrenDon’t ignore your children’s’ questions, but rather encourage them to ask questions. Just because they’re young, doesn’t mean you should lie to your children about motives and reasons, always explain to them clearly why the move is happening and try to provide reasons to why it is so. Always explain the benefits of moving and keep a positive attitude at all time when facing your children.
Make the children feel happy about the move by letting them participate in the preparations. You can give them small tasks that even the small ones can accomplish and together with them you will be able to pack easier and faster. No matter what small tasks they did to help with the move, praise them or scold them as necessary.
Always take into consideration how your children feel about moving to a new location and communicate with them on a regular basis. Keep in mind that even children can feel stress and anxiety so try to appease them by talking about their worries. Keeping an open line of communication is always a positive thing, especially while undergoing such a major and important change in your lives.
When packing the kids room try to involve the children in it and explain what will happen to their toys and their belongings. Many children may fear they won’t get them back so make sure you tell them what exactly will happen to their items.
By giving answers to their questions and involving the kids into the whole packing process while explaining it on the way, will help solidify the idea of moving in their mind and will prepare them psychologically for the changes that will come.
Moving in LondonKeep your kids informed of any changes that occur in the moving schedule and remember to encourage them to ask questions.
A very important thing that you must take care of when preparing or your move and packing, is to always be aware of your children’s safety. Leaving them unsupervised with packing supplies or sharp objects may lead to accidents so always put dangerous things away from their reach. Such items that can be a menace to the well-being of your children are the simple wrapping sheets, adhesive tape, scissors and even the peanuts used for protecting your belongings when packing. Having the kids help with packing is a good thing for them and for you but always have an adult supervise them.

How can children help packing?

Have your children help packing to keep them occupied.

When moving, children can be either helpful or disruptive, whichever way your kids are, it’s always a good idea to involve them in the moving process. First of all you must properly explain what moving means and how it will influence your lives. You must also be aware that changing house, especially for young children can be quite stressful. Therefore make sure you accentuate that moving is a good thing and always be positive about the experience.
children help packingNow, when preparing to move, the kids room can be especially difficult to pack because of the many toys and complicated stuff that are often found there. Having your kids help you pack their room will help you a lot and also it will give them something to do so they won’t hinder any progress of the packing in other rooms.
After you’ve clearly explained to them what moving implies, usually the kids will be excited and happy to be part of the moving process, and it will give them a sense of accomplishment along with preparing them mentally for the move.
Although here is not much that children can do, but depending on their personalities and their hobbies, each of your kids can pack what they often use, such as computers, books or toys.
If your children are small you can’t expect them to actually pack properly but you can ask them to sort out their toys, books, etc. Children have more energy and if they’re enthusiastic about the move and the packing experience they will properly look for all their toys and arrange them so your job will be half done.
Moving in LondonAlways keeping a light-hearted atmosphere and a positive state of mind will ensure your children will have a nice moving experience and will be ready to welcome the changes that are to come along with moving. Having the children participate in the packing will make it easier for you and them altogether and the packing will be done in no time at all.
Be warned, children may want to help with the actual wrapping of boxes and other such tasks and that is okay as long as there is an adult with them. Be careful to never let children unsupervised with packing supplies such as plastic sheets, scissors, packing tape or any such items, because it can lead to serious accidents. Put away packing supplies after you are done with them, in a place that is out of reach of children.

Moving in London

Moving terms and their importance

Moving terms for your move!

When discussing about moving house or office there are certain moving terms that you must be familiar with so everyone will be on the same page. Being ignorant of these terms may lead to confusion and problems on your moving day, there take care you properly understand what everything means. Some of the terminology used for moving is easier to understand than others and learning these will ensure there won’t be any problems when it’s time to move. Properly communicating and understanding these moving terms will make you able to stay on top of things and be aware of the steps needed for moving easy and without any stress.
One of these easier to remember terms is “vehicle access” and this mainly refers, as the wording gives away, to the way the moving van you’re using is going to access the location you’re going to move from. Keeping that in mind you have to understand that the moving van will have to park as close as possible to the location of your property so things will go on smoothly and to reduce the time it takes to load your moving boxes into the van.
Prepare beforehand a vehicle access is important because if you will be unable to properly provide information about the whereabouts of a good spot, the moving van hired will be likely to have some delays regarding the loading of your moving boxes, therefore delaying your moving day. To have the vehicle access ready beforehand you must verify if the removal van you’re expecting can legally park in a space that is close to your location.
Moving TermsAnother easy to remember moving term you have to properly understand and remember is “Packing Services”. Using packing services offered to you is a great idea especially if you have items that require special packing such as large domestic items or highly sensitive or valuable ones. Another use fr the packing service is when you are unsure of how to properly pack certain items, this way, by using packing specialists you can ensure that the packing will be done in time and in the best conditions and that your items won’t get deteriorated along the way.
“Packing Supplies” is also a rather easy to remember moving term as it refers to the items needed for packing of your items so they will be safe from any damage when moving. This term is mainly used when referring to protective wrapping such as bubble wrap or simply removal boxes of different kind needed for your packing, by using packing supplies and correctly combining them you will ensure a safe delivery to your new locations.
In the same category of moving term you must remember “Van Rental”. This moving term refers to renting a van to use for your removal purposes. The number of vans needed for your move depends on the number of removal boxes and items prepared for moving; therefore it’s important for you to know the scale of the move and to properly rent the number of vans that this requires.
When moving you might require “Additional Services” meaning services that are added as an extra to the basic moving package. Here is where we can talk about packing services or any other related services provided to you by the moving company.
The term “moving destination” refers to the location where you want your items to be transported on your moving day. The moving destination must be made clearly beforehand because it greatly influences the whole moving process as well as the cost of the move per total. You must make sure to have a parking space reserved for your moving van and for this the moving term “park and regulations” is used. The parking space selected must be close to your moving destination and you have to make sure it is available and legal for your moving van to park there. By preparing this space beforehand and making sure everything is okay with the law and the other residents, you will be able to avoid any penalties that may occur otherwise. You can always check the packing information at the local authority if you’re in doubt. Checking before the moving day and getting everything ready will ensure your moving day will not be delayed.
The most important moving term that you may encounter when moving house, is the term “Domestic Removal”. Moving HomeThis moving term refers to the actual removal of the items from a house, such as furniture and electronic appliances. When moving your office, the term “Office Removal” is used to refer to the removal of items from a business location or an office.
These are some of the most popular moving terms used ad if you know and understand these, then you are ready to start preparing for your move and request any services that might be necessary for your move.